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4350 New Road Austintown, 44515 | 330-799-2503 | Monday -Friday: 9am - 7pm | Saturday: 9am - 2pm | Sunday: Closed

Urgent Care Partner

Wedgewood Pharmacy has partnered with Bios Wellness which was established with the realization that optimum health demands more than just physical care. That’s why we go beyond addressing sprains, stitches and sore throats and strive to meet every individual’s needs to achieve “whole” health, including mental health and help with addiction.

Our staff and doctors understand that patients’ needs, especially in regards to urgent care, are changing. We are available to treat illnesses, minor injuries and sprains, and flu shots, but in today’s stressful environment anxiety and depression also are urgent needs. We provide support for these conditions as well as bi-polar symptoms, PTSD, and ADHD, and we can provide medications for these conditions.

Addiction and substance abuse can place great stress on those suffering with these conditions and their family members. Our medical staff is always available to provide immediate and thorough care for those in need.

Our facility is focused on providing the highest quality care with friendly staff and short wait times. Visit Bios Wellness today and take care of your “whole” self.